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An Open Letter to a Dream

My intentions were to write a scathing, angry letter to you. To address all the failures and heartache this dream of being a writer has caused me. I wanted to tell you about the sinking feeling I get when I read another rejection email. How my stomach becomes a rock that pulls my confidence down into a dark hole. Even the edges of my vision go grey like an Instagram filter.

I wanted to ask what the purpose is for having this dream. I have been writing since the fifth grade. My personal blog, It is all Connected, has over 100,000 words. My creative blog, Creative Corner, has 187 posts, most of them poems. I participate in the Twitter very short story (#vss365) community. I have self published five books.

For what?

If I stopped writing, nobody would care. 

But I have this dream of being a writer. That when someone says my name, they mean poet. I have this dream of someone recommending my book to a friend. That a poem I wrote is someone’s favorite poem. 

But instead of an emotional letter, I am caught again in the tangles of writing. I feel the joy of articulating my thoughts onto paper. The power of creating an emotion or thought through words for the reader. I am looking forward to creating the blog post for this letter. I will create a cool title banner for this. Maybe find a video to end with…

But what you have done is light a fire in my soul. I am thankful for this dream. Even with the frustrations and rejection emails I will experience in the future. I have this dream of being a writer, even though I know deep down that the dream has already come true. These words prove it.

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What we do…

There are moments.

Made with PicLits.com

Made with PicLits.com


There are moments that are sudden.

There are moments that leave us wondering what to do next.

There are moments that challenge everything about you. And you know that the next step will change everything.  But that step is hard to take.

Do you step forward?

Do you step to the right or the left?

You can even turn around and step in a totally different direction.

But you can’t stand still.  No matter how crushing the moment is.  No matter how you want to scream at the top of your lunges, “What now?”

A step has to be made.  And that is how you build strength. How your character is forged.  Stay on your feet and take the next step.




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