What we do…

There are moments.

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Made with PicLits.com


There are moments that are sudden.

There are moments that leave us wondering what to do next.

There are moments that challenge everything about you. And you know that the next step will change everything.  But that step is hard to take.

Do you step forward?

Do you step to the right or the left?

You can even turn around and step in a totally different direction.

But you can’t stand still.  No matter how crushing the moment is.  No matter how you want to scream at the top of your lunges, “What now?”

A step has to be made.  And that is how you build strength. How your character is forged.  Stay on your feet and take the next step.




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  1. Scott Korinek

    Stay strong like I know you will my friend. You are a good man, keep remembering that.


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