Epic Challenge(s)

Alright, I have tried and tried and tried to remember a book I read about doing epic things. It is not on my Goodreads list, but I have only used Goodreads to catalog my reading for a few years so…

The book was about people taking on big challenges. Some of the examples were more personal, like blogging every day for a year. While other examples were life changing, like climbing a mountain when the person was 60 years old. The main theme was about taking on a goal that stretches one’s skills while making us face emotional aspects, like fear or patience. (If you recognize this book, please share the title with me on Twitter or in the comment section.)

Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay

I just finished another book (which is on my Goodreads list), 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die. I have read 182 of the books on the list. I have an epic challenge and I only have 26 years to complete the challenge, according to the data from Statista about life expectancy. 

I found an epic challenge.

But I also have another epic challenge, based on another book, The Late Starters Orchestra. Which is the story of Ari L. Goldman’s journey of playing the cello with The Late Starters Orchestra. No, I am not going to learn to play the cello, I am going back to the piano. I have some musical background. I learned to play the drums in fifth grade. I taught myself how to play a few songs on the piano in junior high. I came back to the drums at a school I used to work for a couple of years ago. The band director and I both had the same planning period, so once a week he would let me practice on the drums. 

Sometimes when I write a poem, I can almost hear a song with it. I have had the privilege of working with P.R. while creating my poetic projects Stargazer and Just. He does an amazing job connecting music to my poetic lines. (Some new projects are in development.)

I doubt that I will ever be able to really write a song, but I want to try. I want to experience the beauty of creating music, to add another level of joy to my life, even though I will go through some rough spots learning to play the piano. That’s learning though.

So here is to my two new epic adventures in my life. Are you heading out on an adventure or in the middle of one? Share your story with me.


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6 responses to “Epic Challenge(s)

  1. Why are you doubting stuff? If you can write these amazing posts, you can surely write a poem. I have learned the piano to the third-grade level, and that is enough for me. You can go to the heights of your desires! Do it! ❤️

  2. I mean you can surely write a song…sorry!

    • Thank you for the encourgement! Starting a new adventure is always nerve wracking. Can I ask why you stopped playing?

      • The piano lives at my mother’s house – far, far away. But I can’t really blame it on that. I think it is because as a Sagittarius, although I don’t live and breathe by the zodiac, we are inclined to take the journey as far as only learning the process, but not necessarily mastering one. In truth, I really enjoy hearing other people’s music. My brother, for example, is a prolific composer and music theory teacher. Also, I might be too lazy to try harder. And those are some of the reasons – it’s way too many, I know :).

      • The book, The Late Starters Orchestra, revealed how people started with music, then left but ended up coming back. And just like life, everyone has a unique story. Thanks for sharing part of yours concerning music.

      • 🙂 – I will look into that book!

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