Living by One Word

wordMany of you know that my family decided on one word to focus on for the year. Stories was mine. Having my first novel published is one of the highlights of living by my word, but is not the most impactful event. Focusing on the idea of Stories has made my dad decisions more enriching. Not easy for sure, but I notice that my relationship with my family has more depth. We have more stories to share.

As a dad many decisions come down to how much hassle is involved. Especially with six kids, we are not so spontaneous as we use to be. By keeping my word in mind as opportunities arise I try to make the decision that will provide the best story for us. To be honest this is not always the easiest. Sometimes the family actually gets separated and my wife and I do run around a bit. But there is an underlining vibe of joy amongst our busyness.

I am not recommending that you have to decide on one word for the year. I am not recommending that you have to do everything your children want. What I am recommending is that if you want a story to tell tomorrow you will have to write it today by the decisions you make.



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5 responses to “Living by One Word

  1. I love your story! In our family each one of us(from the 7 year old to the 42 year old) chooses a theme for the year. It is a powerful way to live consciously and you are so right; when we keep our word we can create amazing things! The lesson for our kids in this huge!

    • This is the first time we have done something like this. Tania, how many years has your family decided on a theme?

      • My partner, eldest daughter and I have been doing it for 3 or 4 years. We introduced it to our 7 and 9 year olds this January.

      • That is cool. Children have a unique view to some of the deeper aspects of life. My 5 year-old and 6 year-old daughters were apart of choosing a word for the year. Theirs were simple, yet maybe more powerful than mine, Fun and Awesome.

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