No Answers Until

This was the last statement of the sermon last week at church. The priest had a handout with questions about the faith. But this blog is not about the sermon, it’s about the deep truth of the statement.

“There are no answers until you take the test.”

Ponder this idea for a minute… not in a school setting but in the overall view of life…

Let’s look at the powerful truth of this statement considering the impact it has on our life.

First, what answers?

All of them. 

For questions like: “Can I lose 10 pounds?” To deep questions like: “Am I a good father?” Any questions we have about our lives will only be answered by taking the test.

What test?

Our life.

An answer is not given simply by asking the question… the answer is discovered once we test our life for it. In one way, it sounds simple. It is. On the other hand though, it is easy to wonder about lots of things in our life, but never actually try to answer them. I know it is scary because we might not like the answers, but life is meant to be discovered. So, grab a pencil… it is time to answer those questions you keep asking…

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