Road Work

roadworkI know that I am using a road metaphor for another blog post. The “Road Closed” post was about the way life can alter our paths. This post will address the idea of work, of breaking new ground, of doing what it takes to get to where you want to be.

I have officially been on the job for a week. This morning I was touring the CCC Hastings campus to get a better understanding of where faculty were located.  The campus has a number of construction projects going, one of them is the street pictured above.  To be honest I stood there for a few minutes thinking about everything that has happen in just a few months.  Life has not been easy.  Yet, my work has started to create a path for me.

It has been hard work.

But that has been the key.  It will be the key to any success I have in the future. The only way my second novel will be published is for me to work.  The only way I can help CCC faculty is to do the work to strengthen my skills in certain areas. The only way my family will thrive is because I work at being a better father and husband.
If you log onto to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform you will find inspirational content.  Photos with inspirational quotes. Videos of people doing amazing things.  We need that inspiration.  I need it. But lost in all that feel good content is the simple fact that nothing happens until you work, until you tear up the ground and build your path to your success.

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