Foundation of Leadership

As life would have it, an idea has been reinforced through what I have been reading, watching, and trying to do in my life. The idea can be expressed best this way:

How you lead people is what you lead people to.

This idea is not about getting results. It is not about how to get people to buy in to an idea. It is about the foundation of leadership. In our life, our jobs, we find ourselves in leadership roles. As a teacher and coach, but also as a husband and father, this idea has gotten my mind thinking about how I am doing things. So, what does the idea mean?

HOW we lead is the foundation we build FOR the ones who are following us. The foundation for our family, our students, or teams.

If we use fear, or negativity to lead, the foundation we build for others will be passivity, resentment, and at times rebellion.

If we are unorganized or disengaged, people will feel lost and isolated. They will not connect to the vision you have, no matter how grand it is.

If we lead with love, clear guidelines, and respect… we lead people to that. They will feel connected, feel they matter, and will have the strength to handle the rough times.

Yes, a part of leadership is results. I know that. Having an 0-8 football season last year has created a challenge for me. And results are one of the ways we measure how well we are doing. But results will vary in life. Foundations are how we handle those variations.

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