A Quick Post for Today

It is a Tuesday morning in August.  I am not at the Blue Moon coffee shop.  My oldest son started junior high this morning.  My sixth child should be born in a few weeks.  I have a few minutes between school meetings, and my shoes are wet from this morning’s QB and receiver practice.

Life is a crazy trip.  I wish I could articulate something profound or bring to light something new for this blog, but I can’t.  What I am learning from this new experience is that fear knows no age limit.  And in some ways, at my age, it seems harder to over come.

I think part of it is concern for the stability of my family.  My goals and aspirations for raising my kids and building a life with my wife is a factor in my decisions.  When I make a major change, the family makes a major change.  And that concern of making the right decision is almost crippling.

But that is what fear does to us. It freezes us.  Decisions feel so permanent because they do set our feet for the next step.  But life has shown me that every path has junctions and new paths are always options.

Age does not eliminate fear.  Life will always have choices, no matter how routine it feels.  So…

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5 responses to “A Quick Post for Today

  1. Scott Korinek

    Remember to breathe, Daniel-san!

  2. Wayne Hudson

    Some famous person once said “All we have to fear is fear itself!”. I seem to remember this individual had a habit of drinking too much, eating too much and smoking too much. I know he died, not from fear but from normal causes even though he was hated and feared by the greatest evil of his time, Adolph Hitler.

    I think fear of the unknown is the greatest fear most of the human population will experience. This fear keeps us from acting in a manner which may jeopardize our well being as well as the lives of others. It keeps us up late at night but yet allows us to perform at a heightened state of awareness. I know you, Jamey, and you will do everything in your power to make your dreams come true. Have a great year. Good luck with that fear thing and kick some butt! Wayne

  3. John Stritt

    Remember to tell the QB to make sure his team doesn’t see or sense the fear when in the huddle. Guess that applies to the head coach, technology integration specialist, and English teacher. Glad to see the Blue Moon is still a stopping spot.

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