I Have Nothing to Say

According to Radoslav Chakarov, writer for Web Tribunal, as of 2022 there are 600 million blogs, with 6 million posts going live everyday.

There is nothing I can add to that monsoon of writing.

And let’s not forget, I could ask AI to write for me. It would be quicker and produce content at a more constant rate (which I’m not good at).I did write this post by the way.

 But what I mean, honestly, is there is no reason for me to write anything. No logical reason. I don’t make any money, Radoslav Chakarov shares that  less than 10% of blogs make any money.

So why am I even doing this? 

For the few people still reading, why?

Yeah, I will go Dead Poets Society on you:

I write because that is who I am. I am a poet, storyteller, blogger… I am a dad, a husband, a person who can get lost in the stars. My spirit is at ease when I write, even if I have nothing to say.

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