Crazy Socks Day

My routine this morning was normal. The alarm went off at 4:50. My wife gave us four more minutes by hitting the snooze button. I got my coffee and cereal, sat down to watch Sports Center. After 20 minutes it is my turn for the shower. My wife and I were ready for the day by 5:50. We moved into the next phase of our family routine, getting the kids ready. Today, that was a little different.

“Happy crazy socks day, Mom,” said my four-year-old.

Today at daycare it’s Crazy Socks and Hat day. So the girls got up with more excitement and energy. We picked out hats, a pink cowboy hat and a sea themed visor, made mismatching socks and we were ready to go a few minutes earlier.

Their energy to start the day and the excitement to wear a hat and crazy socks got me thinking about how an adult’s world can get so routine. How we can have a good day, but the routine brings us down. The girls’ routine would not change much at daycare, but a small thing like crazy socks  can make a huge difference in their perception of the day. The socks don’t cost anything. The hat won’t really interfere with the girls’ day. But their day started with a smile and a desire to get to daycare to share in their Crazy Socks and Hat day.

We can make a small change that will make a huge difference in the excitement we have for the day. So for anyone who reads this you can join me tomorrow, April 10th, for the unofficial Crazy Socks day. Share your photo of your socks tomorrow with #crazysocksday.

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  1. Deanna

    GREAT idea!!! I love it!

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