Top of the Stairs

Stairs“Boys!” I holler, standing at the top of the stairs.

No response. I know that they are probably in their rooms, which are opposite the stairs.

“Boys!” I holler again.

No response.

And then yes, I holler again, “Boys!”

The frustration of not being heard starts to rise…

We have all been in this situation at sometime and in some form.  Sometimes we are the ones hollering and other times we are the one being hollered at.  It might be from the stairs or two rooms away.  And in most cases the whole situation ends up in frustration.

“Why didn’t you answer?”

“Didn’t you hear me?”


Why do we do this?  We all want to be heard. And that just might be the problem. We want to be heard instead of communicating.  Many times when I holler down to the boys it is to tell them it is time for dinner, or it is time to leave for school.  Even with this simple of a moment, I am concerned with being heard.  That mindset causes me to repeat myself until I get frustrated.

When we communicate we have to consider the other person.  Who they are.  What they might think or feel.  Where they are.  When I keep a communicating mindset with my boys I might still holler from the top of the stairs but when they don’t answer I walk down the stairs to where they are. Situation is frustration free.  Plus, we are all sitting at the table in less time than if I just stood there yelling until I finally go downstairs to find them.

Sadly, I see us yelling from the stairs on Facebook, Twitter, and in the classroom.  We are more concerned with being heard than communicating.  We don’t even consider the other person’s existence much of the time.  We holler, wondering why nobody hears us.  We holler and wonder why we feel disconnected and alone.  If we would have a mindset to communicate, we automatically start connecting with people because we have to consider them in how we talk.  Be it our children, our friends, students, or followers on Twitter.

So, when you find yourself at the top of the stairs, frustrated, stop to consider walking down the stairs to talk with the person.  I know it will make the difference in your connection with that person and you will know you were heard.

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  1. Deanna

    Can you turn this post into a poster or an infographic? Love this! I need to print it for my door or tatoo it on my hand so I see it all the time! Thanks for sharing!

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