PicLit Poem: These Hands

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2 responses to “PicLit Poem: These Hands

  1. doris russell

    Hands can tell so much about a person. I have a picture of my mother holding her great-grandson and it is her hands that stand out. Hands that raised 7 children during a time when there were no modern day conviences. Hands that played the piano and organ. Hands that held 23 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.
    Those hands baked bread,constructed clothing for her family and nursed many “boo-boo’s”. Those same hands served her Lord,her family and her community.

    • Jamey Boelhower

      That is what sparked the post. Even with technology, our hands define our quality of life. Think of all those moments you shared love with your grandchildren. Amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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