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My Son’s View of Life

At the dinner table last night my second son said he had a blog post for me. I said, “OK, what is it?”

“We are balloons.”


He continued to explain that most of life we are held onto by someone. But we can be let go and float up into the sky. When we are up in the sky we feel lost and just wander around. He moves his hand to emphasize how random we move through the air.

He continues to explain that after awhile we start to fall back to earth because we lose air. At this moment my first son asks what happens then.

My second son explains that hopefully we find another person that will fill us back up and hold onto us.

I told him I would write the blog. If you have a moment would you share a comment for him on his idea? Thank you.

I did ask him if he had seen the film The Red Balloon. My son said no, so I thought I would share it with his blog so he could watch it.


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