I didn’t take a photo…

This winter, shortly after a snow storm, my wife and I were driving home. On our normal route home there is a small stream that originates from a lake that is the center of a nearby park. It runs through a culvert under the road winding next to farmland and houses. Ducks and geese use the stream for whatever ducks and geese do as they enjoy the day. But this was a winter day. A white, freshly fallen snow, winter day.

I was driving slowly because the road was covered. As we approached the area of the stream, we both noticed a flash of red, stark against the snow. There was no traffic so I slowed down even more to watch a fox playing on the ice covered stream. The fox jumped, circled, bounded a few times. It was playing something. Its coat was beautiful against the white plumps the fox made as it enjoyed the moment. 

It was joy personified.

After a few seconds the fox disappeared from our view as we continued home. I did think that it  would have been a cool picture, but in all honesty we would have ruined the moment if we had stopped and tried to take the photo. In fact we probably wouldn’t have gotten a photo anyway.

Instead of a photo, I have the memory. And when I drive past the stream, I think about that fox, about the joy it had playing in the snow. And I’m glad I didn’t ruin it by trying to take a photo of the moment. 


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7 responses to “I didn’t take a photo…

  1. Love this, there’s always a moment for that “photo” but this was one of those moments better saved for the memories.

    • (Sorry, somehow missed your comment.) I agree. Even as a dad, I’ve stopped recording everything… I wanted to experience what my kids are doing not watch it through a screen. There are picture moments, and then there is life to live. Thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  2. Instead, you captured a beautiful moment in nature with words! I can see the fox playfully bouncing in the snow! You have done justice to your experience in a way that a still photo never could! Well done!😊

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