What is the day?

What is the date?


We remember yesterday. We are living today. I can plan for tomorrow.

These are so easily marked off on a calendar…


Maybe the hardest day to understand and the most destructive word in our vocabulary.

I apologize, I can’t remember where I heard the quote by Steve Mazan posted above.  But it has been infecting my thinking the last couple of days.

SOMEDAY is defined by Merriam-Webster as:  at some time in the future.

The sentence example provided for students is: Someday I’ll travel.

And there is the problem, the destructive aspect of the word. And why it is so easy to use when we discuss our goals. Someday provides us a false sense of confidence. It sounds like we are working on our dreams. Someday I will write that book. Someday I will open that business. Someday I will visit my friend in Minneapolis (or any other place that fits your situation).

But let’s be honest, once we speak this ‘someday’ statement it is usually followed by our escape conjunction, ‘but,’ followed by an articulated excuse. An excuse that helps us rationalize our failure to achieve our goals. Sadly, the person whom we are speaking with will shake their head in agreement. And too many times, they will share their ‘someday’ goal followed with the escape conjunction and their own practiced excuse.

It’s a vicious cycle. It is hard to break. Steve Mazan has an idea built into his insight. He is correct, SOMEDAY is not found on a calendar. But your goal can be found on a calendar. Write it down on the day you want to accomplish it by. Simple. The hard part is to hold yourself accountable to that date. You have to let go of the false confidence of SOMEDAY and embrace the honest sense of pride you will gain by working on your goals.

You can make your life better, someday. Or you can mark your calendar for today.

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2 responses to “Someday

  1. So very true! It is not always easy to hold the self accountable because a deep level we are use the “someday” as a way to avoid fears we often don’t acknowledge Eg if I achieve it then what’s left , if I don’t achieve it what does that say about me, I will let myself down. …That’s where I really on my partnership with my coach to keep me focussed and committed despite the silly fears that can feel so real. Great post!

    • I agree, making a change on our own is difficult. Having someone hold you accountable is a powerful tool. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

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