Bad Day

Did you ever feel like nobody listened to you? Or that what you were doing didn’t really matter? Or that you just felt tired of fighting the system? Yeah, I’m having that kind of bad day.

Now there are all kinds of factors in play; I am overly tired (little one is still getting up at least once during the night), it is the end of the semester and didn’t go as planned, and little things just don’t seem to be going my way. We all have had these bad days. But it’s important to know one thing.

No matter what job you have or what you’re trying to accomplish, you always have hurdles. Days where it just doesn’t go right. Sometimes these bad days make you feel like giving up. But it is in the habit of dealing with these days that matters.

There is a famous quote by Wayne Gretzky that says you miss every shot you don’t take. There’s a ton of other inspirational quotes that I could use here. But it’s not about the quotes (plus I embedded a good speech remix below done by Vulture from Coach Taylor of the TV show Friday Night Lights ).

It’s about recognizing the importance of what you’re doing. Of moving toward whatever goal that you have set. Bad days are tough. But see them as those intense training days of life.  We learn more, improve more, become stronger on those days that we are tested.  Bad days are those days; use it to strengthen your foundation.

Goals get accomplished because you work through the bad days. And you keep in mind what you are doing. Because it matters. It matters to you. And it matters to the people around you. Your students, your family, and your coworkers. So if you’re having a bad day. I hope you turn it around by remembering that what you’re doing right now matters.

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  1. Deanna

    Wonderful blog post! I think this time of year is tough for ALL teachers. The exhaustion of the adults AND students with all the extra stuff going on plus trying to prepare your own families for the holidays. Hang in there and enjoy your family over break.

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