Announcing App Series

When I was in high school our school purchased a new technology that was going to change how the classroom worked.  We could now pause, rewind, and even jump to certain parts of a film.  I don’t remember which year it actually happened, but we moved from film projectors to VHS and Laser disc players.

In college I had a class that covered how to troubleshoot overhead projectors, VCRs and other technologies we might encounter in the classroom.  The objective was to be able to quickly handle situations so that instruction time was not disrupted.

These technologies didn’t really change anything.  Yes, we loved movie day in English class.  It was interesting to see how they changed the story and we would have discussions about how we “saw” the character versus the actor in the movie. But I would often doodle or write poetry during instructional films in Chemistry. Which might explain why I got D the first quarter, but did end up with a solid B by the end of the year. What changed was simply how we watched film.

Jump forward with me to today.  Using an idea from Malcolm Gladwell, I think we are at a “tipping point” in Education.  Mobile devices are the catalyst for this change.  I don’t think this is going to happen today, or even next year, but I sense the change.  And I think it will take one bold school in this area to start the change reaction.  What education might look like after the tipping point is for another blog.

This blog is to announce that next week I am going to do a five post series on specific apps for mobile devices that personify the fun, creative, and educational aspects of mobile devices. If you want to get started on investigating the apps for yourself, below are the days and apps with links to their sites.

Monday: Pic Collage (and photography in general)

Tuesday: SCVNGR (gamification)

Wednesday: Snapguide and Tagwhat (sharing what you know)

Thursday: Coursebook (creating your own course of learning)

Friday: Aurasma (augmented reality)

Join me next week to learn more. You never know what new ideas might be generated.


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