Start of the Year

It is Tuesday.  Like many Tuesdays last year, I dropped off the little ones at daycare. I checked homework and goofed off with my three older kids at school.  I’m now at the Blue Moon Coffee shop drinking a coffee and writing this blog post.  Last week I started with my CCC class and with the ESU 10’s TECHS class.  It is a different year, but not much has changed.

Yet, life is very different.  My oldest son is 12 and stands one inch shorter than me.  My littlest girl will be three in December and she is as independent as a forty year-old.  I don’t know if I will ever figure out this dad thing.

I am still trying to find my place in the second part of my job, tech integration for teachers and schools.  But I am exploring really cool tools that I am using in my classes and love sharing with teachers.

I have started a creative writing blog, “Creative Corner,” to keep my aspiration to write a book going.  My 365-photo challenge is almost over.

It is life.  The sun is reflecting off the glass storefront, I am about to get a refill on my coffee, and I have shared a moment with you.  I know I will have a few bad days. I know I will fail in some way.  I know that the routine of life will make weeks fly by.

It is life.

I may be sitting at the same table next year thinking that not much is had changed.  But that everything was different and I will smile, as I am now, wondering what this next year will bring.

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What do you hope to achieve this year?


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4 responses to “Start of the Year


    Just so you know I read your blog as it is posted. I enjoy hearing about your family. To answer the question of what I hope to achieve this coming year, my achievement may seem less directed than most, but I want to read more and criticize less. Both are outside my nature so it will be quite a challenge! Wayne

  2. Debbie

    My approach this year, is to not let any problem that confronts me to stress me out. Stress is so unhealthy and shortens one’s life. My 20 yr. old son does a great job of stressing me out, so I will not let my job do it to me.

    • Jamey Boelhower

      I will do my best to keep the job stress down this year (I know we haven’t started stress free, but we might get there). As for the stress of parenting, I see that I have a long road ahead of me :).

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