Last week I had a great opportunity to conduct a workshop with Central Community College professors.

My oldest son went to the driving range with me on Saturday and my second son was my caddy on my last round of golf.

My wife and I took our two little girls grocery shopping with us on Thursday and we took the three oldest kids back-to-school shopping on Friday.

Some days at work I spend the whole day on one project, and yes sometimes it feels like I am playing with a new toy.

What do all these examples have in common? Time.

The professors commented that they never got the time to actually work on things. Something I also hear from teachers at workshops.

As a dad and husband, nothing says “I love you” like spending time with family.

As I have mentioned before, my job gives me time to explore new tools to use in my classes or to show to other educators.


Time is used differently in school, especially high school.  It is separated into chunks by the ringing of a bell.  And every teacher has had that bell interrupt a great lesson.

Everyday life makes us feel frazzled at times.  I can feel exhausted at the end of a day when I don’t actually get much done.  The worst part is that my attitude can then affect the rest of the family in a negative way, and if I’m not careful it becomes a habit for the household.


Life takes time. Learning takes time. People need our time (especially those we care about the most).  We all get 24 hours in a day. But do we use those hours for the best?  Time for our students to think?  Time to share a joke at the dinner table?  Or to just sit with the person you love and watch the sky fade to night, happy with how you spent the time given to you?

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