A Small Change

I have a question.  Did you drive the same route to work today?

Because I was working from home today, I got to drop my two little girls off at daycare. There were hugs and kiss and some crying, but the girls were happy to have me drop them off (and pick them up later today). Then, I drove my wife and three older kids to school, but I took a different route than normal.  Just to mix it up. At school I played Uno with my three oldest children before school started, and then I headed to get coffee before I headed home.

The morning was filled with more energy and laughter just because of the difference in the routine.  Sometime we just need a little difference in our lives to get us out of that rut feeling.  Driving a different route, getting a different coffee, or doing one thing different can add a shot of life into a normal day.  Will you “Take the Long Way Home”?

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