Grand Idea

In the month of April I had the privilege of presenting at two outstanding conferences: Mobile 2012 and NETA.  My goal was to inspire ideas on how to be a mobile teacher:  how to use the iPad to bring the world into the teacher’s classroom.

This week at work I am brainstorming ideas on how to make my CCC and TECHS class better.  I’m calling them my “Grand Ideas.” I filled my whiteboard with them for the TECHS class.

Grand ideas are exciting.  When we attend any conference, we come away with these ideas.  We feel energized.  We feel inspired.  The next year is a blank canvas for us. We are ready to take those ideas and create new lessons, but…

Grand Ideas are scary.  They push us out of our comfort zone.  We know the new lesson might just fail.  That is OK.  Run with your Grand Idea.  Fuel that inspiration by striving for it.  It will take work, a step back sometimes, but for teachers our lessons are our creative process.  The lessons are works of art for us.  But you have to pick up the brush.

One secret to success is to tell someone your goals, share your Grand Ideas with others in the comment section.  Contact me if I can help you in any way.  Just imagine what your classroom will be like next year…

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  1. Deanna Stall

    One of my favorite times of the year was the time of the blank slate! I have often wondered if the “year-round” school would still allow for that blank slate time”… Maybe it would happen every 9 weeks? I have been trying to tap into this with the teachers I visit and I think that NETA happens at a good time for this reason!

    Good luck with all your grand ideas and planning!

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