I don’t Matter

I have been moved to tears by two movies lately, but I will get to that in a moment.

I do not matter.  Nobody really reads my blogs, or notices when I do not tweet, or update my Facebook status. This is my fist year without any coaching responsibilities, and I miss it, but the games go on.  ESU 10 will not shut down if I am not there, or even if I move on.  I do not matter on a grand scale.  But I will get back to this in a moment.

I have been moved to tears by two movies, A Better Life and Louder than a Bomb.

One of the themes that connect the two movies is the importance of the everyday.  The importance of finding the meaning in life by our everyday struggles. Whether we write poetry or work hard for our family.  These two films express the why behind those struggles and relates the power we have to make each moment matter.

I do not matter, except to a few people, most importantly my family.  I have made difficult decisions that I felt would be the best for my family.  I strive to create a better life for my wife and children.

I matter to a few students.  For all my failures, I have simply tried to empower my students to find their own voice.  Have I succeed?  Not all the time, not with all the students.  But I have tried.  Every day.

For whatever reason life has been reinforcing the idea that every day matters.  For me, for you, for the people we interact with every day.

We matter for each other.


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3 responses to “I don’t Matter

  1. Scott Korinek


    Thanks for reinforcing how I feel most days. What we do matters. It isn’t a career of instant feedback all the time, but we know what we do makes a difference. Can’t wait to see you at NETA. I am looking forward to it more this year, than in quite a while.

    P.S. I do read your blogs, every time.

    • Jamey Boelhower

      In education we get feedback by test scores, but those are just single moments, like you wrote, as in life, there is not instant feedback in teaching. There are the student smiles, and the light bulb moments, but it is in the everyday interaction that we help build a foundation for our students. But we forget that sometimes.

      P.S. Thanks for reading my blog. *Big Smile*

  2. Deanna

    You matter. It all matters. We got into this profession because we want to make a difference. We want to make an impact of great, CRATER-like proportions! Sometimes you can only get a crater if you chip away a little at a time. You ARE making a difference… trust me! When you step back a little and get at the right perspective, there is definitely a crater (impact) there.

    Hang in there, guys and keep up the good work!

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