The Power of Small “I Love Yous”

Dirty diaper dropped into the diaper pail.  Clean diaper secured.  I stand my youngest daughter up so that I can get her pants pulled up in a single motion.  She looks at me, spreading her arms out wide. I mimic her move. A single second passes before she falls toward me, trying to wrap her arms around my shoulders with all her strength. Her little hands just reaching my upper arms.  I return the motion with my own arms, wrapping her tight against my chest.  A giggle escapes her and we release our hug.  I set her down on the floor and she is off to her next adventure (usually hollering out her big brothers’ names to see where they went).

Every morning I get my three-year-old daughter up for the day.  She grabs her blanket as I lift her out of the crib.  She then finds her spot on my shoulder.  Her head snuggled into my neck and she whispers, “I take care of you.”  Almost everyday I have to just stand there and hold her, knowing too soon she will be able to get up on her own.

If we take the time, we can see and feel those small moments when others tell us they love us.  If we take the time, we can create a small “I love you” with an action that is just a part of our everyday routine.  If we take the time… the smallest thing can have the most powerful effect in our lives.  Take the time.

(This video is for my beautiful wife… remember our concert date?)

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