Red light! Green Light!

“Red light!” Jill looks over the kids. Jason is… falling.  He is out.

You are frozen, waiting for the “light” to change.

“Green light!”

You take off, but not too fast, so you can stop with the light change.  But your feet want to run, the light is still green.  You are torn between letting your feet go, reaching the end before she turns around to change the light, or keeping your pace in control so you can freeze when the light turns back to red.

What color is the light in your classroom?

I recently showed the Ted talk, “Why Videos Go Viral” by Kevin Allocca, from a TEDYouth event.  The main point of the talk is about why videos become popular, but Kevin makes an interesting point toward the end of his talk, “No one has to green-light your idea.”

Kevin was talking about creating content on YouTube, but the idea goes way beyond that.  I would love to be a student during this time.  The opportunities to create and pursues activities that ignite our passions are at our disposal.

And that is where I think educational reform needs to take place.

It is not in technology.  It is not standardized tests.  It is in turning around and hollering, “Green light!”  The underlining paradigm of education needs to change.  Students are creating projects and pursuing their dreams without us.  They are finding their own way in this world, finding their own success.

Without us.

And I think that is the most important aspect of all of this.  School should be the place that empowers students to be able to live their life to the fullest.  School should be the place that strengths our society by build community and cultivating our culture values. And one of our most traditional values has always been the idea of success.  It is the heart of the “American Dream.”  And at this moment in time, we have a greater opportunity to pursue our dreams then ever before.  But is school matching the possibility that is present in our society?

We need education to change the light to green.

I would love to hear your stories about how you have been changing the light in your school.  Share your stories with me in the comment section.

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