Enough Room for Everyone

It is the holiday season, so there are a few movies we get to see a couple of times before the season is over. Elf is on heavy rotation. A certain line from the movie caught my attention the other day.

Did you really catch it?

Consider that notion for a minute.

Everyone can be on the nice list.

There were so many examples I considered to use to reinforce the idea. But I want this blog post to be clear, to be direct. As a dad, I’ve discovered that love is limitless. There is enough room for everyone in my life to feel loved.

We choose how we express love, or who we give it to. But there is no limit. I have six children, they are all loved. Now my energy gets spent sometimes, but my love for them has no bounds. This is true for everyone. Love is the greatest gift we can give, to everyone. Yes, it looks different for the people in our lives, but it is still love. Trust me, your heart can handle it.

There is enough love in this world… we just have to give it to others… and just maybe we will have better days, for everyone.


Have a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for reading this year. Be ready for an EPIC 2020!


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