Designed by second son.

Designed by second son.

This is the third year my family has participated in choosing One Word to focus on for the upcoming year. This year we decorated a box with our words and wrote why we chose that word on a tag that was then placed inside the box. The plan is to share events that highlighted our words during Sunday dinner. We will write out the event and place them in the box.

My word this year is BE. I’ve blogged about the idea behind my word in the post, Greatness. My goal this year is to BE the person I am instead of trying to be that person. It’s a small difference in thinking, but instead of trying to be a good husband, I will be a good husband. That means I do what it takes. If I just try, I give myself a built-in excuse to fail.

Not this year. This is my year to BE.

Share your One Word stories with me in the comment section or on Twitter. Here is to a great 2017.


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2 responses to “#oneword2017

  1. My word is DO. Last year was about becoming. This year I am stepping up my efforts. I am focusing on my writing and activities that will enhance my creativity. This word is also going to help me with personal goals as well. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • I like that word. Very quickly, my first word (a couple of years ago) was “Stories”. That was the year I self published my first fiction book. But as a dad, it made life fun. When situations arose I would tend to say yes, instead of no, because I would ask myself, “Could this be a good story for us?” The hard part is to keep that word at the forefront of our everyday life.

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