A Digital Path

IMG_2890 “Please help me teach a valuable lesson to the 7s retweet/favourite/share whatever 🙂 #weinspire #cybersafety pic.twitter.com/Mwfqxd0wQj” Tweet from Home of 7AH.

Well, lucky for you I am also a teacher… but I could be anyone behind a keyboard.  Your picture is now apart of a blog post from an individual in Nebraska, US. I have not manipulated the photo, but I could.  Photoshop is an amazing tool… oh wait I did alter the photo…IMG_2892

In fact, I used a simple app…PhotoFunia.



Consider for a moment the unknown that happens with anything we produce digital… from a picture, to a tweet, to the information of our lives that we share. Home of 7AH, I hope this blog post spurs some interesting discussions. I also hope it generates a few seconds of thought for everyone before you go digital with anything… who knows what will happen to that moment.





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