Keep the Fire Burning

The 2012 Mobile Learning Experience has been an incredible opportunity for me as an educator.  The sessions and face-to-face conversations have ignited ideas that I can’t wait to try.  I also had the privilege to present a session, which allowed me to examine the tools and ideas I use in my classes.  My goal for the presentation was to hopefully generate one idea for the people who attended.  I am excited to continue building relationships with the people, that up until now, I have only known through Twitter.  I am sure many of the educators are feeling on fire, full of ideas, and then….

Monday morning.

How do we keep the fire burning?  Like any fire, you need to keep it fueled and give it space to burn.  And the first step is to take one of the ideas and just try it.  Even if the first attempt fails, it still sparks our passion because we want to do well.  The first step is the hardest, but is needed if we want to keep the fire going.  So, when Monday morning comes be ready to fuel the fire and try a new idea.  Who knows what stories you will have for us next year!

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