Shoveling the Street

We had enough bad weather this morning that I had to shovel snow again.  It was easy to remove the snow from the driveway, but it was a chore to remove the shin high snow from the street.  Specifically the area around my mailbox.

Clearing the Street

It is probably a city ordinance to have this area cleared, and there was no way the mail person would have been able to deliver our mail tomorrow without me clearing the area for them.  To be honest, I was not happy about it.  All I have is a snow shovel (Yes, a snow blower will be on my Christmas list next year).

As I started in to the task I remembered that last Friday, when the wind was blowing like crazy, our garbage men placed our garbage and recycling containers next to our garage doors out of the wind.  A small action that meant a lot.

A small action…  small moments… that mean a lot.

Maybe it was all the snow I was shoveling, but your mind can be free to think when you are working, and I was thinking about how our lives are stitched together by all the small moments we create.  All the words we say on a daily basis.  Big moments come, but our strength comes from the way we build our lives through the small actions we do.

I know the mail person will not even think about the work I did clearing the snow, but it will matter for them.  Honestly, most of the small things we do go unnoticed, yet they are the actions that make our days matter.  For us and the people around us. What small thing can you do today?


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2 responses to “Shoveling the Street

  1. Deanna

    I know where you can get a snow blower! Actually your post is timely because we just had the same issue. My husband was so excited for snow because he had a new snow blower! it cleaned off the drive wonderfully! Then he got to the stuff on the street where the maintainers had been. it was icy and heavy so the blower wouldn’t move it. Our sidewalk is right next to the street so it was ALL snow that the maintainer had moved. Needless to say, the new snow blower went immediately onto Craig’s List (hasn’t sold) and will be returned as soon as he has time. He has plans to buy a bigger, better, faster, stronger snow moving machine! And you might ask why he even bothers? Because he likes to move snow off the sidewalks for the neighbors! 🙂

    • Jamey Boelhower

      The last line just reinforces the idea, those little things mean so much to people. They might not ever say thank you, but it matters.

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