IR Pens

Here are examples of IR Pens, that combined with a Wii remote, software, and a projector you can have a SMART Board anywhere.  This project is a part of ESU 10’s TECHS program.  The photo shows student constructed IR Pens for this year.  The first thing you will notice is the “personality” of each project, a reindeer, two cars, a wand, and a bubble gum container to just name a few.

This has been a tough year as I continue to understand and work with the TECHS class, but these IR Pens are a highlight for me. These represent a deeper aspect of true learning.  All the students understand some basic constructs (wiring, Infrared light, design) but they were allowed to express their personalities in the project.  Awesome!  As educators we strive to help students to achieve that personal connection to learning.  When possible, projects can do that.  The IR Pens show that. I think the students did an incredible job!

Here is Johnny Lee’s TED talk about hacking Wii remotes.

What projects are you doing with your students?

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