Almost Moment

6:42 a.m. Aug 25, 2022. The day my wife, two daughters, and I almost died.

The story is not uncommon, sadly. And it is a simple one. I was at a light waiting to turn left across a four lane street. (This is what made the moment an almost moment.). The light changes green for me and I start my turn. I am moving across the lane closest to us, turning the wheel, when I noticed the lights of a semi truck flying toward us in the next lane. There was a minivan stopped at the light, but the truck wasn’t even slowing down. I slammed on the brakes and watch as the truck then cattle trailer streaked by in front of us. Our headlights reflecting back to us.  I don’t think the driver even saw us.

It was dead silent in the car as I took a breath and continued across the intersection, headed to a “normal” day at school. We were that close to having everything change in our life. I am writing this at 7:18 a.m. and I can’t shake the weight of that almost moment.


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3 responses to “Almost Moment

  1. God bless you for missing that tragedy so slightly. This reminds me of a time when I was driving my son – who was about 5 – and we were headed up a hill at 70 mph, when the traffic right in front of me at the top of the hill was stopped due to an accident. Without looking, I went into the next lane, and thank God, the person behind me payed attention and went into the berm of the highway. It shook me to the ground. I am glad you all are OK ❤️

  2. Remaining alert is one of the few ways we can remain safe on the roads. I’m so glad you did!

    The number of distracted drivers continues to grow… and the growing phenomenon of road rage is terrifying in and of itself.

    Stay safe.

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